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A canvas made from glass. Original already!
Each creation starts off with a piece of highly processed plate glass, providing a perfectly transparent surface that forms the very core of each design. The design concept revolves around the idea of added dimensions, we wanted to create something that is more than a flat two dimensional canvas. Glass, with it’s transparent properties helps us achieve this. A see-though canvas not only adds intrigue but immediately adds this extra dimension, one that can be manipulated further by ambient and artificial light. A sensory dimension, light allows for extra depth and character transforming each creation into something far greater than simply a flat image.
Paint etching. Detailed designs, crafted by hand.
Choosing the correct medium to work in presented a few issues. The chosen medium must be able to utilise the see–through translucent properties of the canvas, making glass the central element of each creation. We decided to coat each glass canvas with multiple layers of primer and gloss white paint, creating a smooth, semi–reflective surface. To best emphasise the translucent properties of the glass and create the all important see–though design, we decided to remove paint from the positive elements of the design, revealing the glass and allowing light to pass though. This process involves etching the paint away using a blade or pallet knife revealing each design.
The final form. Handmade, hand finished.
In order to display and elevate each piece we needed to design a bespoke framing system, a method of protecting the canvas but also providing versatile display options as well as housing an internal light and power source. The result was a two section design consisting of an outer and inner frame. The outer frame provides a modern plane finish in keeping with the design aesthetic of the canvas, while the inner frame holds the canvas and outer glass element in place as well as forming a channel around the entire inner edge. This allows us to add our light signature while still allowing the canvas to be fully translucent, meaning when the frame and canvas are held at eye level the design remains completely see–though.
A signature of light. Bold, colourful, remote controlled.
The signature element of each piece is the channel of light that sits around the entire design. Located within the inner frame and spanning all sides of the canvas is our ’halo’ of light. The halo provides a source of artificial light enhancing each design. Crucially, the light is user controlled via a wireless remote control. The receiver and power source are built into the base of the frame, allowing all aspects of the light to be controlled. Colour, speed and brightness can all be set as desired, plus multiple modes can be set allowing the light to change colour, speed and frequency automatically without any user input.
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