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This isn’t artwork as you know it. This is artwork based entirely around you.

A truly unique customised piece of artwork, this is what we offer. A creation so personal it will instantly become the focal point of the environment that its placed. We begin with our paint and glass canvas, but instead of producing a limited edition design we create a strict one–off, a piece of work that’s as individual as the subject that it represents. From family members to beloved pets, from objects to landscapes, there is nothing we cant turn into a wonderful illuminated piece of artwork.

Our ’white collection’ design principle and our signature halo of light, all controlled remotely to offer a truly immersive piece of art. There is nothing quite like what we make, and this time its made specifically for you! A personalised subject, with the ability to personally configure the illumination, results in a customised creation that has the ability to continually adapt with time. It’s simple form and array of coloured light allows for a future proof piece of art that will always effortlessly blend with your décor.

Bespoke commissions are one thing, but something truly personal and multi-dimensional is another. Our illuminated paint etchings fit this brief perfectly, offering a unique standout piece of artwork that’s simple in form yet offers more functionality and presence than more traditional art forms.
Our personalised gallery showcases some of the bespoke personalised creations that we’ve created for others. Every piece showcased is a one-off, hand crafted design tailored specifically for one of our clients. The subject matter is varied, no matter the client brief we’re able to create one of a kind pieces that are truly unique. To discuss a personalised commission and pricing simply get in touch directly or visit one of our social media pages.
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