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Our ’icons’ collection consists of ten individual designs, each a limited edition original glass canvas. Inspired by a truly inspirational and iconic figure from the past century, every piece incorporates all our design principles and philosophies, creating a simple modern representation of the subject which is further enhanced by our signature ’halo’ of light, transforming each piece into something extraordinary.
Taking inspiration from the natural world, our ’kingdom’ series is a run of glass and paint portraits inspired by the worlds most majestic animals. Maximising every inch of the canvas surface area, each design results in a detailed hand-etched representation of the subject creating on a bold, highly contrasted final piece. When combined with bright colours each piece is transformed into a vibrant, visual piece of art.
’Masterpieces reimagined in light’ this is the basis of our masters works. Like all of our white collection pieces, the masters collection combines simple design with light, producing a dynamic piece of artwork. Taking inspiration from the work of the great artistic masters, each piece provides a new simplified take on the original, creating a new, modern version visualised glass and light.
Each piece from our white collection is part of a limited edition series. Every design is limited to a set number of recreations. Unlike traditional media where an original is created and a series of less complex prints are taken, each one of our creations is an original. Each one being slightly different too the last, even when the same design is being repeated. Our handmade approach along with the type of media we use means that it is impossible to recreate an exact copy, making every single piece a true original, truly unique.
Limited edition originals. Hand crafted everytime.
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