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Retro 44.

Located in the heart of Worcestershire, Retro 44 has one simple aim, to produce bespoke handcrafted and original artistic creations, shifting perceptions of what an ’original’ piece of artwork can be and making one-off personalised artwork more accessible to a wider audience. Every creation we make without exception is unique, always hand crafted, never a print, never mass produced.

This simple approach along with three fundamental design characteristics are at the centre of everything we design and create, right across our entire portfolio. Visual presence, functionality and uniqueness. Each creation should be more than just a picture on a wall or a sculpture on a shelf, it should be subtle yet have an identity, add function while being simple in form and seamlessly adapt to its surroundings and environment. This philosophy is exemplified by our ’white collection’ but this is just the beginning. We’re expanding this approach further, not just producing works of art, but applying our philosophy to an array of everyday items from clothing to home furnishings. Welcome to Retro 44!

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Join us behind the scenes and be kept up to date with our latest creations and designs. Our Facebook and Instagram blogs offer a peek into the projects that we’re working on and the creation processes involved. Furthermore, our soon to be live YouTube channel will provide insight into the finer details of who we are, what we do and our daily activities. For more information on our products or to discuss a bespoke personalised commission, please feel free to get in touch directly or via any of our social media pages.

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