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Begin with a modern concept and craft something original.

At Retro 44 we specialise in unique, one-off artistic creations. Our illuminated paint etchings are no exception, offering a multi-dimensional piece of artwork that’s simply like no other. Handmade. See-though. Illuminated. These are the design elements that are incorporated into each piece, offering an alternative to a traditional two-dimensional painting our photograph. A piece of artwork that’s not only visual but also functional.

We begin with a piece of glass, onto which multiple layers of paint are added, before each design is etched by hand. The result is a canvas that’s both opaque and transparent, a canvas that’s see-though! Ultimately this process ensures each piece is always an original, never a print.

Frame & add light, that’s wirelessly controlled.
Elevating each piece further, every canvas is housed within a customised hand-built, hand-finished frame. An element that’s every bit as important as the canvas itself, creating the final form and bringing each canvas to life. Not only does the frame protect the canvas under a second piece of glass, it also allows each piece to be wall mounted but as well as stand freely due to it’s in-built base. Crucially, the frame houses the inner ’halo’ a built-in channel of light that sits around the canvas, internally illuminating each design.
RETRO 44. Handcrafted originals.
Not only is the halo the signature of each piece, the light it produces can be fully customised, by remote control! Everything from power, colour and brightness can be controlled, as well as the type of light emitted. From single solid colours, soft transitions or bold fast tempos, the halo can be adjusted to suit its environment perfectly. Whether it’s a piece from our collection or a completely bespoke personalised design, each of our illuminated paint etchings are unique and original.
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